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About the Magic Film


Subjective Films LLC and Film for Thought Inc are producing a feature length, character-driven documentary entitled WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS (working title) that closely follows several top magicians who are making a living at the thing they love most. Whether they’re experts at close-up, mentalism or stage illusions, the magicians who master these art forms can instantly return us to a state of wonderment and absolute mystery. It is one thing to do magic as a hobby, but another entirely to make it your life’s pursuit. Ultimately the film explores how they have persisted with their art form, and prevailed.

We have been filming with our subjects for over 15 months, shooting in Los Angeles at the Magic Castle, as well as in Las Vegas and England. The film also features interviews with world-class magicians including Lance Burton, Mac King, Max Maven and other luminaries discussing the power and potential of magic.

Our producing and directing team has a track record of creating successful theatrical and broadcast documentaries, which have played at Sundance, Toronto, South by Southwest, Slamdance, HotDocs, and Tribeca. Our previous films include Wordplay (the second highest grossing documentary of 2006), Hood To Coast (released in 390 theaters nation wide in 2011), I.O.U.S.A., HBO’s Emmy-nominated Superheroes, and documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4 in the UKSelects from some of our previous films can be seen below.